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Understanding Social Anxiety and Social Phobia

Most of us are affected by social anxiety and social phobia to some degree. It is very likely that some, if not many, of the following list will be familiar to you:

  • A dislike of being put ‘on the spot’
  • Finding it difficult to talk publicly or to give presentations
  • Finding large groups of people intimidating
  • Finding it difficult to make friends
  • Lacking confidence in social settings; being shy
  • Finding parties and small talk difficult
  • Having pre-exam or pre-test nerves
  • Trying to stick to the ‘rules’
  • A sense/dislike of being watched
  • Finding talking on the phone difficult
  • Frequently blushing, stuttering or stammering
  • Finding maintaining eye contact with people difficult
  • A dislike of being watched while writing, eating etc
  • A fear of being judged, criticized, mocked or rejected
  • Shy bladder (not wanting/ being able to urinate in public urinals)
  • Sexual performance issues (e.g. impotence, premature ejaculation)
  • Feeling as though people may find out that you’re a bit of a ‘fraud’
  • A fear of failure or of feeling humiliated

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WorriedladyFor many people, having social anxiety and social phobia can create significant problems in their lives, often without them knowing the root cause. The issues created via social anxiety and social phobia can seep out into every aspect of your life; perhaps you choose to live alone, or begin to avoid social interactions; you lack confidence in your abilities and your lack of confidence creates difficulties on your work; you fail to get appointed to jobs you are more than capable of doing due to your lack of faith in yourself and this leads to others questioning your abilities too; you may dress in dull or dark colours to try and hide yourself, or perhaps you over-eat as a way of avoiding unwanted attention and/or flattery; you don’t challenge others in order to avoid conflict; or you may be very insecure about your relationships with others, which can progressively undermine even the strongest of relationships.

There are few statistics about the extent to which people experience social anxiety and social phobia and, those that are published, come with ‘health warnings’ about the likely inaccuracies. What we do know though is that almost everyone, at some stage in their life, will experience feelings related to social anxiety.

How Therapy Can Help You – short term problems
Perhaps there is an upcoming event that you would like specific help with. For example, you may be due to take your driving test (again!) and don’t want to fail it due to nerves; or perhaps you are due to give a presentation to your team at work and are dreading it. For these types of ‘one-off’ situations, hypnosis, combined with suggestion therapy will enable you to reduce your anxiety and feel more in control. This form of therapy will provide you with a greater sense of self; it will boost self-confidence and self-esteem; it will help you build on your self-belief and you will have a strong visual image of yourself being calm, self-assured and successful in your upcoming event.

I am experienced in helping people to reduce anxieties over specific events and you would probably need just one or two sessions a week or two before the event in question.

Ongoing and Pervasive Issues with Social Anxiety or Social Phobia
Perhaps your issues are more long term or pervasive and you have found that your level of social anxiety or social phobia is having a limiting effect upon your life? Or perhaps you would like to remove and resolve all future issues with social anxiety? In these circumstances, it is likely that you would benefit most from either a course of analytical hypnotherapy (Hypnoanalysis), or perhaps a course of Counselling, Psychotherapy, or in-depth Cognitive Therapy may suit you better.

Hypnoanalysis can help you to fully resolve your issues with social anxiety and social phobia, leaving you free to enjoy a more fulfilled and relaxed approach to all social interactions in the future (for more info on hypnoanalysis click here.)

professional hypnosis, hypnotherapy, cognitive training, brighton, worthing, hove, lewes, shoreham, lewes, horsham, eastbourne

Laughing blonde girlI have found that social anxiety and social phobia can often be effectively helped using hypnoanalysis, and issues can often be resolved within 12 to 20 sessions. Alternatively, during the initial consultation, we may decide that you would benefit most by going through a different approach such as Counselling, Psychotherapy or Cognitive Therapy.

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